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VinDr Lab - Data Platform for Medical AI

VinDr Lab screenshot

What is VinDr Lab ?

VinDr Lab is a web-based platform for medical image annotation. It has been developed to remove the ground-truth barrier AI teams met to build meaningful medical AI applications. VinDr Lab provides a high-level web-interface equibbed with advanced annotation tools and project management features.


Project management

  • Manage full medical data cycle at study level

  • Control workflow with blind and/or open annotating

  • Track project progress and status of each task

Label management

  • Customize preset label groups or create a new one

  • Allow hierarchical labels

  • Arrange the order of labels appearing to labelers

Advanced annotation tools

  • Annotate with Bounding Box, Polygon, Brush

  • Elaborate annotations with notes and comments

Task management

  • Re-assign tasks if unsatisfactory

  • Monitor the distribution of labels in a project

  • Control versions of exported labels

Where to next?

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